Investing in True Wealth

You will learn to:

  • Deepen communication instead of deadlock
  • Create connection instead of loneliness
  • Develop balance and harmony instead of power struggles and chaos
  • Restore trust, respect and empathy instead of suspicion, and jealousy
  • Thrive, not just survive

Not all couples who come to counseling have severe problems. Many are just individuals who just want to improve their relationship and they are looking for new tools and ways to improve communication.

Statistically couples who do have problems wait, on average, 6 years from the time they are aware of a problem to the time they ask for marriage therapy (help). If the problems had been addressed earlier they would not be a big issue now. Imagine what would happen to your car if you waited 6 years from the time you heard that funny sound until you consulted a mechanic.

It may seem daunting to repair the problems that develop in a relationship but it is possible. I break each problem into solvable steps. I help you sharpen the skills you have and develop the tools you need for a loving, enduring relationship.

Some couples may think they can't afford to get the help they need but the truth is they can't afford not to. The cost of a divorce is brutal, both financially and emotionally. Getting timely help is wise.

We will work as a team to assess your needs and develop your goals. This creates a guide for our work that defines what we expect to accomplish and what your investment will cost. When we reach those goals you and your partner can decide if you want to add additional goals.

Let Ascend Counseling Services counsel you in your relationships

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